Travel Gear

With so much travel equipment and travel accessories out there, how do you know what to choose?

With our years of travel pre and post-kids, we have tried out lots of travel kit and can narrow down the choice for you.

From camping essentials to kids backpacks and travel related gifts for kids – we review our favourite travel gear to help you decide on the best travel gear for your trip.

Sunset shot camping with toddlers.

Family Camping With Toddlers: 8 Essential Tips To Make It Fun

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For many, the idea of camping with toddlers will send shivers down their spine. For others, it it is a fun experience. Here's how to make camping with toddlers fun
Travel games for kids.

20+ Of The Best Travel Games For Kids 2021

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Travelling is all about discovering new places and meeting new people but for the actual travel part of travelling, travel games for kids come in so handy to help pass the time.
Frog 55 and Frog 62

Review: Why Frog Bikes Are The Best Bikes For Kids

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We have been fans of Frog Bikes for a long time now and believe their superior technology make them the best bikes for kids and helped our youngest son to ride a bike at 3 years old. Our Frog Bike review explains why.
Rosemood Photo Calendars

Rosemood Photo Calendars: The Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

Looking for the perfect gift for loved ones to help capture moments that they might have missed during 2020? Look no further than a personalised photo calendar by Rosemood Atelier. Their quality is second to none and they will be loved by the recipient.
Osprey daylite kids backpacks

The Best Kids Backpacks For Travel (For Younger Kids)

Choosing the right travel bags for your kids can be a bit of a minefield with so many options out there. Having tried many different types of kids travel bags ourselves, we have settled on using kids backpacks for our travels. Here are our top recommendations.
Campervan gifts

37+ Campervan Gifts That Every Campervan Owner Will Love

Looking for practical campervan gifts for family or friends who are new to vanlife? Or maybe you're looking for something fun and quirky for the campervan enthusiast in your life? We have more than 35 great ideas ranging from practical to fun gifts.
head torch for kids

40+ Brilliant Gift Ideas for Kids Who Travel

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Looking for gift ideas for kids who travel? We have over 40 fantastic travel gift ideas that are fun and educational for the little traveller in your life.
Camping with kids in a VW camper van with a drive away awning

Top Tips For Buying a Drive Away Awning For Your VW Campervan

When we first bought our VW Campervan we had romantic ideas of wild camping in remote locations and a drive away awning definitely didn't feature.. The reality is that the VW camper van is one of the smaller campers and with 2 kids and a van load of stuff, we needed the extra space that an awning afforded us. This guide gives you all the info you need to know about buying a drive away awning.
vw campervan sleeping

The Ultimate Campervan Essentials Packing List

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Having been campers for most of our lives, we thought that we already had most of the camping essentials that we needed for our new VW campervan adentures. We were wrong! We discovered on our first overnight trip in our campervan that there were a few extras that we needed to pack in. Here's a handy camping essentials list to make sure you don't forget a thing.
travel first aid kit items laid out

Travel First Aid Kit: What Should You Take in Yours?

First aid kits are not always at the top of your travel packing list, especially if you're going to a destination with an excellent healthcare system in place. But if the country you're travelling to doesn't have great healthcare or you're getting off the beaten track, then it's a good idea to pack your own travel first aid kit. But what should you take? Read on...
Packing Cubes: All You Need to Know to Pack Like a Pro 1

Packing Cubes: All You Need to Know to Pack Like a Pro

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If you want to make packing for your family trip a WHOLE lot easier, packing cubes are the way to do it. If you haven't already jumped on the bandwagon and joined the ranks of insanely organised packers using packing cubes, this article will tell you everything you need to know about them and convince you that you now can't travel without them.
10 Essential Holiday Packing Tips You Need To Try 2

10 Essential Holiday Packing Tips You Need To Try

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Packing for a holiday can seem quite daunting. It's hard to judge what you need to take. You don't want to take too much and end up lugging heavy bags through airports. You don't want to pack too light in case you run out of clothes. You don't want to forget essential items. With our helpful guide, we help take the stress out of packing so that you can focus on enjoying your holiday. No matter where you're going and how long for, these general tips will help you save time and space when packing for your family trip and ensure that you don't forget the essentials.
10 Top Tips For More Eco-Friendly Travel 3

10 Top Tips For More Eco-Friendly Travel

With people travelling more and further these days we are seeing an increased carbon footprint which is harmful to the environment. But we are not just talking about carbon emissions from your flight. Here are our top tips for eco-friendly travel.
15 Awesome Travel Gifts for Men (That He Will Actually Use) 4

15 Awesome Travel Gifts for Men (That He Will Actually Use)

Do you struggle with gift ideas for the father who has (according to him) everything? Well, help is at hand if said father is a travel lover! If you have a travel obsessed dad in the family, how about considering some of these gifts which have been so useful on our travels?
binoculars for safari

What To Take on Safari with Kids: 10 Essential Items To Pack

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A safari holiday may have been on your bucket list for years, but have you ever actually considered what you would need to take on a safari with kids? Of course, there's the usual family holiday paraphernalia, but if this is your first time on safari, there may be items that you haven't considered. We've pulled together a list of our top 10 recommendations of what to take on safari with kids so that you can concentrate on enjoying your bucket list holiday without the worry of forgetting an essential item.