Review: Why Frog Bikes Are The Best Bikes For Kids

We have been fans of Frog Bikes for a long time now but it wasn’t always that way. When our eldest son, Ernie, started out learning to ride a bike aged 4, we hadn’t heard of Frog Bikes and so we got him a cheap starter bike with stabilisers. The logic was that getting a superhero bike would encourage him to learn to ride a bike because he loved superheros.

Big mistake! He wobbled all over the place (despite having stabilisers) because he had no balance. It just didn’t work and it was a painful experience for both Ernie and our backs as we spent a lot of time bent over running behind him holding his seat. We didn’t want this to happen with our youngest son so we did some research and discovered Frog Bikes.

Ad | We were gifted the Frog 55 bike and the Frog 62 bike so that the boys could test them out and give an honest review of their Frog Bikes. We had been using Frog Bikes for a long time before Frog UK approached us, so we are not just reviewing them from the perspective of being gifted.

Frog 55 and Frog 62

Frog 55 and Frog 62

Learning from our mistakes

The key thing that we learned from our mistakes withour eldest son is that we needed to try a balance bike first instead of a bike with stabilisers (training wheels). The most important thing to master when learning to ride a bike is balance.

When our youngest son was two, we bought him a Frog Tadpole (the Frog balance bike). There are three sizes in this range and they are suitable for 18 months to 4 years. It is one of the best balance bikes for kids on the market. He took to it immediately.

It wasn’t long after this (when he turned three) that he switched from his balance bike to a Frog 43 (now the Frog 44) and he has never looked back. They are really great bikes for 3 year olds. They don’t have gears to confuse matters. They are purely about learning to use the pedals as the next step having mastered their balance.

When we went on bike rides, we had so many people commenting on how teeny tiny he was to be riding a bike. Here he is in the photo below age 4 riding the 8 mile perimeter circuit around Carsington Water in the Peak District on a UK staycation.

What we did differently the second time around was a game changer and we are huge fans of Frog Bikes now, not just because they have saved our aching backs! Getting the kids outdoors on their bikes is now one of our favourite things to do as a family.

First Frog Bike with pedals

First Frog Bike with pedals

Reasons why we love Frog Bikes

There are three main reasons why we love Frog Bikes.

1. They are easy to learn on

The feedback from our youngest son when he was making the change from his balance bike to his Frog 43 was that it was easy to control and stop. Frog Bikes are extremely lightweight kids bikes which means that they are easier for small kids to manoeuvre.

It is so important for them when they are learning to feel like they have control. It will help build their confidence more quickly.

(This translates into less time stooped over trying to hold the back of the bike as they grapple with learning to ride a bike. That’s a big win in our books!)

2. They are lightweight

Lightweight kids bikes are much easier for the kids (see above) but don’t underestimate the advantages these lightweight bikes for kids have for adults too. We love that they are lightweight because it makes it so much easier to lift them onto the bike rack on the back of our VW Camper Van! When I’m out with the kids on my own, I really appreciate this.

We also love the quick release seats because we don’t need to fiddle about with an Allen Key to get the bikes to fit properly on the bike rack.

Being so lightweight, they help reduce the overall weight of our campervan which is really important. The Frog 55 (20 inch bike) is 8.55kg and the Frog 62 (24 inch bike) is 9.25kg. The equivalent sized kids bikes at a well known retailer are a whopping 16kg each (for both 20 inch bike and the 24 inch bike).

They are great bikes if you like to take road trips or go camping with kids and they make great gifts for kids.

Bikes on our campervan

Bikes on our campervan

3. They hold their value

Frog Bikes are great for holding their value and there is a big second hand market for them. We have bought and sold second hand Frogbikes over the years. They get snapped up quickly. Just keep them well serviced and you will be able to sell them for a little less than you paid for them. See more on this below.

Frog Bikes technology

You’ve heard why we love Frog Bikes but what do we know? Well actually, lots of other people love Frog Bikes too. Frog has won several awards for their bikes. So why are Frog Bikes so good?

Frog Bikes have been designed in collaboration with sports scientists from Brunel University. Over 50 different measurements were taken into account to produce the best kids bikes out there. This breakthrough design process has created the most lightweight, comfortable ride for your child – and it really does make a difference.

The thing is – they just make kids bikes. ALL of their time and effort goes into making the perfect bikes for kids. They don’t just make a small version of an adult bike. And this is the key to their success.

Boy racers and their Frog Bikes

Boy racers and their Frog Bikes

Frog Bikes size guide

Frog Bikes don’t come in the sizes that you may be used to seeing. The sizes are based on leg length rather than age and this allows for a more accurate fit.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Frog Bikes sizes. They range from toddler bikes up to bikes for young teenagers.

Frog balance bikes – For ages 18 mths to 4 years

Tadpole Mini (10 inch)
Tadpole (12 inch)
Tadpole Plus (14 inch)

First pedal bikes – For ages 4 to 6

Frog 40 (14 inch)
Frog 44 (16 inch)
Frog 52 (20 inch) – note that this is the single speed version

Hybrid bikes – For ages 6 to 13+

Frog 52 (20 inch)
Frog 55 (20 inch)
Frog 62 (24 inch)
Frog 69 (26 inch)
Frog 73 (26 inch)
Frog 78 (26 inch)

Frog also make more specialized childrens road bikes and childrens mountain bikes for when the kids start getting more serious about cycling.

Frog Bikes sizing guide

Frog UK recommends that you go into your nearest Frog Bike stockist so that they can measure you and pick the right Frog models as they have been especially trained to do this. If you can’t get to your nearest stockist, there is a Frog Bike sizing guide online.

If you have to measure at home, here are some handy tips:

  • Stand with a straight back against the wall, shoes off
  • Measure the inside leg as far up to the top of the leg as is comfortable

If you are ordering a Frogbike yourself, just be aware that it will not come built. We highly recommend taking it into a bike shop to build it for you if you are not familiar with building bikes. Better yet, order from your local bike shop. You can check your local Frog Bike stockists here.

The Frog 62 is perfect for our nearly 8 year old son who has a 60cm inside leg measurement. The Frog 52 was the perfect size for our 6 year old with a 52 cm inside leg measurement BUT we decided to go for a Frog 55 so that the bike would last a bit longer.

We ONLY made this decision because we were already familiar with Frog Bikes and because he is a very confident rider. Frog does not recommend this approach.

Happy boys on their Frog Bikes

Happy boys on their Frog Bikes

Frog 55 and Frog 62

These two sizes have very similar specifications. Both bikes have:

  • Tektro brakes with small, easy to reach brake levers – perfect for little hands
  • Patented Frog cranks, reducing the distance between the pedals to allow for better pedalling efficiency
  • 8-speed gear shifter
  • Quick release seats

The only difference (apart from the size and weight) is that there are 8 colours in the Frog 55 range and 6 colours in the Frog 62 range.

Frog 62 gears and brakes

Frog 62 gears and brakes

Frog Bikes gears and brakes

Frog Bikes gears and brakes

What do the boys think of their Frog Bikes?

This is just a quick video of the boys telling you what they love about their Frog bikes as it was easier to show you than to write about it!

YouTube video

So, are Frog Bikes worth the money?

This is probably the question we get asked the most about our Frog Bikes. When we first started looking into the best bikes for kids, we saw reviews stating how good the Frogbikes were, but it seemed like a lot of money to spend on a bike when our eldest wasn’t keen on biking.

We looked at second hand childrens bikes for sale in our area and as we have a fantastic bike shop in our town selling Frog Bikes, there are always second hand Frog Bikes for sale on the local parents selling group on Facebook. There is also a Pre-Owned Frog Bikes Community on Facebook.

Make sure to take a look at the pre-loved Frog bikes on the Frog Bikes website too and search ‘Frog Bikes Ebay’ to see what is available on Ebay in your area.

If you can get over the initial outlay, then you’re really only looking at the cost difference between buying the bike and selling it. Speaking from personal experience, we bought a second hand Frog 43 for £150 and we sold it 2 years later for £100 (although my husband still reminds me that we could have got more for it).

If you are looking for a lightweight kids bike, you really can’t go wrong with Frog Bikes UK.

Anything else you need to know about Frog Bikes?

Now that you have your bike, you might want to consider some bike accessories. If you’re wanting to jazz up the bike with lights or bells, take a look on the accessories on the Frog Bikes website. The bikes do come with a bell but if you want something a bit different, the boys have a mini hornet light/ bell. They love it, but be warned, it is loud!

Don’t forget, you can also order any spare part you might need from the Frog UK website.

Frog Bikes - The Best Bikes For Kids

Camping with kids in a VW camper van with a drive away awning
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