Rosemood Photo Calendar: The Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

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AdWe were gifted a Rosemood Photo Calendar to review. We were also compensated for our time but our thoughts are all our own and **spoiler alert**  we love them and we think you will too! Don’t miss our 10% Rosemood discount code at the end.

As we reach the end of 2020, I think we can all agree that it has been one of the most bizarre years. There have been highs and there have been lows.

On the plus side, we have been able to spend a lot more time with the kids. We are big proponents of family time which is why we love to travel as a family. One of the big negatives for us, however, is that we have not been able to see the grandparents as much as we (and they) would have liked.

No matter how many Zoom calls or Whatsapp calls we had, they missed out on so much which is why we are thrilled to be collaborating with Rosemood Atelier, producers of the most gorgeous personalised photo calendars.

We have created some stunning personalised family calendars for the grandparents which capture all of those missed moments. We know that they will love them, especially as we don’t know how long it will be before we can see them again.

Rosemood photo calendar

Rosemood luxury photo calendar

Why a personalised photo calendar makes a great gift

One of my weaknesses (or strengths depending on how you look at it) is taking far too many photos. During 2020, every craft activity, every clap for the NHS, every disastrous hair dyeing attempt and every family walk was captured and emailed to the grandparents. By doing this, they didn’t feel like they were missing out so much.

In reality, they are old school and much prefer a physical photo. They have a crazy amount of photos in photo frames around the house. I wanted to print the photos out for them but didn’t want to add more photo frames to the collection.

When I came across the personalised Rosemood photo calendar, I knew that it was the ideal solution and that it would make an ideal Christmas gift for them. In fact, they are the perfect gift for any friends and family. The photo calendars are a great way to portray your year in photos.

Here is a little introduction to the Rosemood photo calendars, how to create them and our thoughts on the finished product and what makes Rosemood one of the best photo calendars in the UK.

The Essential calendar by Rosemood

The Essential calendar by Rosemood

Why choose Rosemood photo calendars?

The last time we created a photo calendar was in 2010 during our year of full time travel. We were not able to spend Christmas with our family and so we thought it would be a lovely idea to send them a photo calendar with some of the photos from our trip.

We chose a high street name to produce the personalised calendar. The process was slow and and the quality was questionable. It was a lovely idea and well received by our families, but it was more of a gimmick than a nice gift.

The reason that we chose to create a photo calendar with Rosemood is because they are a cut above the competition. Rosemood photo calendars are not just a collection of photos in a calendar. They are a collection of professionally retouched photos in a beautifully crafted and luxurious calendar.

The things we loved in particular about creating the calendars with Rosemood are that:

  • it is easy to create a calendar with their online tool and they offer free photo re-touch and design layout assistance.
  • the quality of the product is second to none. What really struck me upon receiving the calendars was how thick and luxurious the card was.
  • the customer service is fantastic with regular updates on the progress of your order.
Rosemood photo calendars 2021

Rosemood gallery photo calendar

Rosemood photo calendar choices

Rosemood currently offers four personalised calendar styles.

Forget Me Not – allows you to incorporate important dates into your calendar like family birthdays or other special occasions, making it even more personal.
Gallery – allows you to add up to six photos for every month, creating a photo gallery effect.
Elegance – makes for the perfect gift with a luxury foil-stamped cover page, premium paper and bronze wire binding.
The Essential – is a free standing personalised desk calendar. I personally think that the desk calendar will make a great Father’s Day gift for the home office!

We decided to go for the Elegance personalised family calendar as it was a special gift for the grandparents.

How to create a Rosemood Photo Calendar

The hardest part of creating personalised photo books or photo calendars is choosing which photos to use. Rosemood can’t help you with that part, but they have made the process so simple. There are just four easy steps.

1. Choose the photos you want to use. You can upload from your computer, Instagram or Google Photos. I did this all on my laptop using the preferred Chrome browser. You can select up to 500 photos (jpg, jpeg, png). I found it easier to put all the photos that I wanted to use in a separate folder and then select them all to upload.

Upload your photos to Rosemood

Upload your photos to Rosemood

2. Choose your photo layout for each month. You can select from four styles (one, two, three or four photos per month).

Choosing the photo calendar layout

Choosing the photo calendar layout

3. Drag and drop your uploaded photos into the photo layout template (‘Your image here’)

Drag and drop your photos

Drag and drop your photos

4. Decide whether you want Rosemood to professionally proof read and optimise your layout and retouch your photos. This is a complimentary service.

Given that we aren’t professional photographers and that a lot of our photos are just quick snapshots before the kids decide they no longer want their photo taken, we definitely wanted this option!

Retouch service Rosemood photo calendar

Retouch service for the Rosemood photo calendar

Once all of this is done, you just proceed to payment. After you have paid, you receive confirmation of your order and while you are waiting for your calendar to arrive, you will receive updates on the production and delivery process.

Delivery times may vary during the Christmas period so it is best to check on the Rosemood website for up to date information.

The finished product…

And voila! This is just another little snippet of our finished calendar and we love it. We can’t wait for the grandparents to see it. We just know it will put a smile on their faces during these difficult times. Actually, I now wish we had made one for ourselves to keep!

Rosemood Photo Calendar - The Finished Product!

Rosemood Photo Calendar – The Finished Product!

Are Rosemood photo calendars worth it?

Rosemood photo calendars start from just £21 (for the desk calendar) and go up to £27 (for the luxury foil stamped calendar). When you compare the quality of the product as well as the customer service to some of the other photo calendar companies out there, we think these calendars are excellent value for money.

Other Rosemood products

If you are looking for something different, Rosemood also makes beautiful photobooks, Christmas cards, invitations and stationary – all of which can be personalised.

We are eyeing up their beautiful fabric hardcover photo books to make some long overdue baby books and also to home to our 20,000+ travel photos that are gathering digital dust on a hard drive somewhere in the house!

You can find out more about the lovely Rosemood products here.

Our last word on this. If you are looking for a personalised photo calendar for 20201, we cannot recommend Rosemood family calendars enough. They really will make a beautiful gift for

If you are interested in ordering, please feel free to make use of this Rosemood discount code which will give you 10% off your order until the end of January 2021 – flashpackingfamily10. It is valid on photo books, calendars and notebooks.

Rosemood Photo Calendars The Perfect Gift for Loved Ones

Why Rosemood Photo Calendars Make Perfect Gifts for Grandparents

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