Family Travel in Morocco

Morocco is relatively close to the UK geographically and yet it is worlds apart culturally. Visiting Marrakech can be an assault on all of the senses but in a good way. From the bustling souks of Marrakech to the stunning landscapes of the Atlas Mountains. From the sleepy beach town of Essaouira to the burst of colour in Chefchaouen, family travel in Morocco will be exciting and varied but above all, Morocco is safe for families.

Is Morocco safe for families

5 Things you Should Know About Visiting Morocco with Kids

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Is Morocco safe? This is the burning question many people have about Morocco and we can understand why.  It's not far from the UK and is very close to mainland Europe and yet culturally it's worlds apart. Read our 5 things you need to know about travelling to Morocco with kids to help you have a safe and enjoyable trip.
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The 10 Best Family Holiday Destinations for 2022

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Looking for family holiday ideas for your 2020 family travels? Look no further! We've pulled together a list of the ten best family holiday destinations for 2020 to help you narrow down your search. Most destinations these days are easy to travel to with a family, but these ones stand out as being exceptionally family-friendly.