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The perfect 14 day family-friendly southern Sri Lanka loop

Sri Lanka was recently voted best country in the world to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet - quite an accolade, but we think it's easy to see why.  The endless beaches, the lush green hills, the history, culture, food and most importantly the…

Jordan with kids - the perfect 10 day itinerary

You may be forgiven for not having considered Jordan as a place to travel with your family due to it being slap bang in the middle of Syria, Israel, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, all of which have been hotbeds of conflict and tension over the years. But Jordan is an incredible country to travel with children.
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What's the best way to take kids on safari?

Never thought of going on safari with kids? Neither had we! We thought that they needed to be over 12 years old to go on safari as we had heard that big game can view young children as prey! We assumed when having kids that it would be a long wait to go on safari with them but we are pleased to report that we were wrong!
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South Africa's best family-friendly safari options

Having been on safari in quite a few countries across eastern and southern Africa, we know that South Africa is a great place to go on safari with your family for a few reasons. South Africa has it all. From the Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and Cape buffalo – to antelope, zebra, hippo, giraffe, hyena and a wide variety of bird and marine animals...
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Top family-friendly activities in South Africa

South Africa is easily one of our favourite places to travel with kids. It is vast with an incredible variety of landscapes and wildlife, so it is somewhere we can go back to again and again and still find somewhere new to visit or something new to do. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful with the sun-soaked white sandy beaches of Cape Town overlooked by Table Mountain, the wild and rugged beaches of the Eastern Cape...
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Family friendly wine tasting in South Africa

The wine regions of South Africa are truly stunning and worth a visit for that reason alone, but of course you shouldn't visit without popping in to one or two of the gorgeous wine estates. Wine tasting has moved with the times and become a family friendly activity. We'd put it near the top of the list of fun things to do in South Africa as a family.
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Tea tasting & tea estates in Sri Lanka's Hill Country

No trip to Sri Lanka would be complete without spending a little time in the Hill Country where you will see rolling hills blanketed in luscious green tea plantations. And it is all the more exciting if you’re a tea lover. Hill Country (or Tea Country) is arguably the most scenic part of the island and is also quite a bit cooler than the coastal areas due to its elevation.
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The 5 best family-friendly South African wine estate picnics

When in South Africa, enjoying a picnic or two at one of the many beautiful wine estates is a must-do activity to keep both the kids and parents entertained.
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Half day safari in Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe was created in 1972 to provide a habitat for animals displaced by the construction of the Uda Walawe dam. The park is now famed for its elephants and has the largest population of Asian elephants of all of the national parks in Sri Lanka. With around 500 resident elephants, if you want to do some elephant-spotting, Udawalawe would be a good choice with sighting all but guaranteed.
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Yala National Park - where crocodiles eat leopards!

The two most popular National Parks in Sri Lanka seem to be Udawalawe and Yala and it is well worth including one or the other in your itinerary. They are very similar especially in terms of the wildlife you may see, although Yala has the highest density of leopards in the world so it really depends on the route you are going to take as to which one you choose. If you love safaris, maybe you will have time to squeeze in both!