How to have a beautiful day out visiting the Hitchin Lavender Farm

Lavender was introduced to the United Kingdom during Roman times but farming lavender is actually relatively new to the British agricultural scene. Lavender fields are growing hugely in popularity in the UK now though and I’m ok with that. Personally, I’m a huge fan of lavender and feel very lucky to have the Hitchin Lavender Farm right on our doorstep.

For some reason, I cannot seem to grow lavender plants myself at home so when I walk past a lavender bush, I can’t resist running my hands over it to get the scent (being careful to avoid the bees)! I love to be able to visit Hitchin Lavender and wander through the lavender fields and take my cuttings. We have little pots of dried lavender and lavender bags all over the house that are perfect natural room fresheners. I also love a little spritz of lavender pillow spray for a good night’s sleep.

For some, visiting the lavender fields is not just about getting some lavender cuttings. These days it’s also about getting the perfect photo. This is another reason English lavender fields have become so popular. The last couple of years I’ve noticed more and more people visiting the lavender fields, some from as far afield as China, just to photograph the lavender.

Whether you’re interested in taking lavender cuttings or getting the perfect lavender field photo, here is everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to the lavender fields Hitchin.

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Taking lavender cuttings at the Hitchin Lavender Farm

Taking lavender cuttings at the Hitchin Lavender Farm

Where are the Hitchin Lavender Fields?

The Hitchin Lavender fields are found on Cadwell Farm in Ickleford in the beautiful Chiltern Hills in Hertfordshire. The nearest largest town is Hitchin located 40 miles north of London which you can get to by train from London St Pancras on the Thameslink service in about 33 minutes or from Kings Cross in about 40 minutes on the Great Northern service. From Hitchin station it is easiest to take a taxi or an Uber to the farm.

It is perfectly located for a day trip from London. If you’re visiting London with kids and looking to get them out into the beautiful English countryside, we would highly recommend fitting it into your London itinerary. If you’re driving, it’s just off Junction 10 of the A1M and there’s plenty of free onsite parking.

It’s also only 11 miles from London Luton Airport if you happen to be flying to the UK via Luton Airport.

Lavender Farm Hitchin opening times and ticket prices

Hitchin lavender opening times

Opening times for the 2020 season are slightly different. Tickets must be bought in advance and are valid for 2 hour slots. The sessions are:

9 am – 11 am

12 pm – 2 pm

3 pm – 5 pm

6 pm – 8 pm

Keep an eye on their website for any changes to the lavender field opening times.

Hitchin lavender ticket prices

Adult                          £6 (note that cuttings are not allowed to be taken this year)

Child (under 5)        free

Best time to visit the lavender fields

The lavender is usually in full bloom from the end of June to the middle of July but this can vary slightly depending on the season they’re having.

What else is there at the Lavender Farm Hitchin?

Asides from strolling through the 30 acres (or 30 miles) of beautiful lavender colour and taking lavender cuttings or having a lavender photoshoot, you can also grab a sunflower stem for 50p, some wildflowers or some white lavender.

There are some excellent facilities there too.

Hitchin Lavender farm car park and cafe

Hitchin Lavender Farm car park and cafe

Free car park

The car park is in a large field accessed by driving through the farm. Note that the ground can be a bit uneven will be muddy if there has been a lot of rain.


The main Hitchin lavender cafe is located in a renovated barn and there’s a second, smaller café in the main lavender field.

Gift shop

Hitchin lavender gifts including lavender oil and essential oils, lavender soap all made from the Hitchin lavender but also products from the local area.

Play area

There’s a play area near the main cafe where the kids will find a large wooden fortress and there’s also a smaller play area in the main lavender field where there’s a model tractor they can climb all over.

Hitchin lavender farm play area

Hitchin lavender farm play area

Hitchin Lavender events

Hitchin lavender cinema nights

The perfect setting for open-air movie screenings during the summer season. Check Sundown Cinema for screenings.

Hitchin lavender yoga

There are adult-only and family outdoor yoga classes and also themed classes. One year they held a beer yoga session!

Also, check the Hitchin lavender events page for more events such as Toddler Tales sessions and craft workshops.

Tips for visiting

Our main tips for getting the most out of your visit would be:

  1. Go at opening time and preferably during the week. It gets very busy, very quickly at the weekend. They have tens of thousands of visitors every season.
  2. If you are going with little ones, watch out for the bees. Bees love lavender and there are lots of them. You might want to put them in long sleeves and trousers. They’re not aggressive though and are more interested in the lavender than stinging you, but little ones may get a bit too inquisitive. Also consider sensible shoes, particularly if there has been a lot of rain.
  3. Take a picnic rug if you want to make a day of it and have lunch there. There are picnic tables but they are in high demand. You can even take your own picnic if you want.

Did you miss the lavender at Hitchin this year? They also have a pumpkin patch from mid-October.

Bees on the lavender at Hitchin Lavender Farm

Bees on the lavender at Hitchin Lavender Farm

Accommodation near Hitchin Lavender

There’s not a lot of accommodation in the immediate area, but check on for accommodation in the surrounding area.

Where else can I see lavender fields in the UK?

The main lavender fields in the UK are:

Cotswold lavender – located just south of the beautiful Cotswold town of Broadway. Opens 10th June – 5th August 2020.

Mayfield lavender – located near Sutton just south of London. Opens June 2020.

Norfolk lavender – located on the north Norfolk coast near Sandringham. If you’re going up that way, make sure to check out some of the Norfolk beaches which are some of the best in the country. The farm is open year-round, but the lavender fields are only in bloom from June.

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Top tips for visiting the Hitchin Lavender Farm in England

Visiting the Hitchin Lavender Fields in England

Visiting the Hitchin Lavender Farm All you need to know

Top tips for Visiting the Hitchin Lavender Farm in England

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