National Parks

National Parks are a great way to see beautifully unspoiled parts of the country you are visiting and to teach kids about animals in their natural habitat.  They are all about conservation and protection of species which is so important in this day and age of declining habitats. Whether you are taking a self-drive road trip to see stunning scenery in Canada or on an African safari to see animals, visiting a National Park is something we highly recommend incorporating into your itinerary.

Athabasca Falls in winter

Athabasca Falls: An Absolute Highlight of Jasper National Park

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Whilst the Athabasca Falls aren't the largest falls in Canada, they are certainly impressive, all the more so because they are surrounded by some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world. Here's everything you need to know to plan your visit.
self drive safari in Kruger National Park

9 Tricks Organise Your Own Cheap Safari Holidays

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African Safari holidays are big business but while they were once the domain of the very wealthy, the good news is that they are now much more affordable, especially with our helpful tips on how to plan and book a budget African safari. If you've ever sat daydreaming of an African safari, picturing the huge African sun rising over the plains as you watch majestic beasts grazing but thought a luxury safari with a price tag to match was your only option, think again.
Lion Sands Ivory Lodge

The 15 Best Kruger National Park Accommodations for Families

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Finding the best family-friendly Kruger National Park accommodation can be tricky. There are just so many options out there and this may be a once in a lifetime holiday so you want to get it right. Having taken the kids on safari, we know what to look for when choosing a property and have narrowed the selection down to give you the 15 most family-friendly properties.
safari game drive with kids

All You Need to Know About Taking an African Safari With Kids

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Taking kids on an African safari will be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have and yet some people are still unsure whether to take young kids on safari. Our FAQs will answer everything you need to know about a safari with kids.
The Best Things to Do in Banff with Kids 1

The Best Things to Do in Banff with Kids

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If, like us, you are a family who loves the great outdoors, then you will find so many things to do in Banff National Park with kids. Banff is one of those places of incredible outstanding natural beauty. Even if you're not normally an outdoor loving family, it will make you want to get outdoors and explore.  You have to just go and see it for yourself to believe it.
The Ultimate 7 Day Vancouver to Calgary Road-Trip 2

The Ultimate 7 Day Vancouver to Calgary Road-Trip

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A 1500km Vancouver to Calgary road-trip through the Canadian Rockies has to be on your bucket-list. The scenery between Vancouver and Calgary is breathtakingly beautiful but is that enough to convince you to attempt this with kids? We aim to show you how this road-trip with kids is not only doable but also enjoyable!
Visiting Lake Louise With Kids: 5 Essential Things To Know 3

Visiting Lake Louise With Kids: 5 Essential Things To Know

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A visit to Banff National Park would not be complete if you did not take in the beauty of Lake Louise. With easy family-friendly hikes and stunning views, along with the option of taking the famous red kayaks out on the water, it is a must do highlight of your Banff trip.
thorpe cloud

Exploring the Peak District with Kids Over A Long Weekend

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The Peak District is the perfect family-friendly destination if you want to get out and try some easy walks with the kids. There are some absolutely stunning views to be enjoyed along these walks and you don't have to exert too much energy to be able to appreciate them!
The 10 Best Family-Friendly Things to do in South Africa 4

The 10 Best Family-Friendly Things to do in South Africa

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South Africa is easily one of our favourite places to travel with kids. It is vast with an incredible variety of landscapes and wildlife, so it is somewhere we can go back to again and again and still find somewhere new to visit or something new to do. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful with the sun-soaked white sandy beaches of Cape Town overlooked by Table Mountain, the wild and rugged beaches of the Eastern Cape...
A Half Day Udawalawe National Park Safari with Kids 5

A Half Day Udawalawe National Park Safari with Kids

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Udawalawe National Park is famed for its elephants and has the largest population of Asian elephants of all of the national parks in Sri Lanka. With around 500 resident elephants, if you want to do some elephant-spotting, Udawalawe would be a good choice with sighting all but guaranteed.
Yala National Park | Your Complete Yala Safari Guide 6

Yala National Park | Your Complete Yala Safari Guide

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The two most popular National Parks in Sri Lanka seem to be Udawalawe and Yala and it is well worth including one or the other in your itinerary. They are very similar, especially in terms of the wildlife you may see, although Yala has the highest density of leopards in the world. It really depends on the route you are going to take as to which one you choose. If you love safaris, maybe you will have time to squeeze in both!