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We’ve been travelling as a family since our children were babies, and have 25 years of travel experience pre-kids visiting over 85 countries. We value collaborations and partnerships with brands that have similar values to us – a commitment to quality, authenticity and a passion for responsible family travel. 

Why work with us?

We set up this family travel website and our social media channels (InstagramFacebook, Pinterest and Twitter) to share information to help others travel confidently with their children. Our readers and followers are from English speaking countries – predominantly the UK and US – with an age and gender profile of:

What we offer

Our readers and followers relate to our experiences and trust our recommendations. This website and our social channels show strong engagement. 

We have digital marketing expertise in content marketing and SEO, amongst other areas. Ed has worked in digital marketing in the travel industry for 20 years and is a leader in his field. If you’re looking to promote your brand or destination to an audience of well-travelled families or families looking for that extra bit of encouragement, we can help.

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