Jordan Family Travels

Jordan is home to the iconic archaeological site Petra, which is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Jordan – but there is so much more to it, and it is a truly perfect destination for family travel. The country is safe to travel around with modern infrastructure, including paved and well-signposted roads. The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming and they love children! Some of the highlights of our trip were a visit to Jerash where we caught a gladiator show among the ancient ruins, floating in the Dead Sea, a night in a desert camp in Wadi Rum, snorkeling in the Red Sea and of course, the most mesmerizing and bucket list destination that is Petra.


Jordan with kids - the perfect 10 day itinerary

You may be forgiven for not having considered Jordan as a place to travel with your family due to it being slap bang in the middle of Syria, Israel, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, all of which have been hotbeds of conflict and tension over the years. But Jordan is an incredible country to travel with children.