The Snowlandia Maze in Zakopane

Visiting Snowlandia Zakopane is a must-do activity if you’re visiting Zakopane Poland during the winter months. Whether you’re learning to ski in Zakopane or just there to enjoy the wintry landscape and the hearty Polish food, anyone of any age can enjoy this winter wonderland. It’s one of the most fun things to do in Zakopane in the winter.

Ad – We were gifted tickets to visit Snowlandia Zakopane in Poland in exchange for an honest review of our experience. All words and opinions are our own. This post also contains affiliate links. If you click on a link, we may earn some commission but this will be at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

What is Snowlandia?

Snowlandia is a winter wonderland where everything from the giant pyramid to the giant maze is made from snow and ice. The structures take around one month to build although adversely warm weather conditions can hamper construction.

Where is Snowlandia?

Snowlandia is situated about 2km to the south of the centre of town next to the world-famous Great Krokiew Ski jump. You might be lucky to catch some snow jumping action from the top of the Maze castle or the Pyramid.

When can you visit Snowlandia?

As everything is entirely made out of snow and ice, you are only able to visit Snowlandia during the winter months. It is generally open from December to March but this is entirely dependant on the weather. It closed on 11th March 2020 and you will need to check on the Snowlandia website for the opening dates for 2021.

How much are Snowlandia tickets?

This is a rough summary of the ticket prices for Snowlandia for 2020. For more detailed pricing, see the Snowlandia price list. You buy your tickets from the ticket kiosk at the main entrance.

                                ADULT              CHILD (3 – 16)

Mini Zoo              10 PLN                  8 PLN

Labyrinth            20 PLN                 16 PLN

Pyramid               16 PLN                  12 PLN

Igloo                      20 PLN                  16 PLN

All areas              53 PLN                   42 PLN

Once you have your tickets, you will need to keep them handy to scan them at the entrance to each attraction.

What is there to see and do at Snowlandia Zakopane?

We already mentioned that everything in Snowlandia is made from snow and ice (with the exception of the animals in the mini zoo)! Here is what you can see at Snowlandia.

Giant Ice Maze

The giant ice maze in Snowlandia is such an impressive feat of engineering. You enter via the castle at the beginning of the maze and the aim is to complete the maze to be able to climb the castle at the end for beautiful views over Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. The walls are at least 12 ft tall and it’s quite hard to get your bearings once you’re in there so don’t go in there thinking it will be easy!

It took us a good 15 minutes of dead-end after dead-end before we made any headway. If you get stuck, there are usually some kind folk on the top of the castle who might shout out directions to you. It was really fun, but thank goodness for the kid’s red jackets that we could spot a way off as they turned each corner. You’ll probably want to keep little ones close to you as it would be easy to lose them!

Snowlandia Zakopane's Ice Maze

Snowlandia Zakopane’s Ice Maze

Giant Pyramid

The giant pyramid is based on the Egyptian pyramids and inside you’re in for an Egyptian treat. There are cavernous rooms on two levels and each room contains very intricately carved Egyptian ice sculptures. The rooms are lit with lights that change colour on rotation. Sometimes it will be ice white, then green, then blue then purple. The kids loved this.

Again, you get great views across over Snowlandia and the Tatra Mountains when you step out onto the balcony on the second floor.

Giant Ice Pyramid at Snowlandia

Giant Ice Pyramid at Snowlandia

Giant Igloo

The Igloo is very similar to the pyramid with lots of different rooms inside with ice carvings. This time though, expect characters from your favourite cartoons. There was an Asterix room, a Frozen room, a Snow White room and a Lion King room. The coloured lights really added to the experience.

Mini Zoo

The mini zoo was indeed mini. There’s a short walk to get there from the main area. There were a few animals in enclosures. A poor little polar fox looked a little sorry for himself all on his own, but there were also deer, Polish mountain sheep, goats and a few other small animals. The boys had a climb on some large rocks but we didn’t spend a great deal of time here because we prefer not to see animals in captivity.

Mini Zoo at Snowlandia Zakopane

Mini Zoo at Snowlandia Zakopane

Toboggan run

There’s a 200m long slope divided into smaller toboggan runs. Your ticket price includes the hire of the sledges. It’s probably best to do this at the end of your visit otherwise you may end up wandering around lost in the maze getting colder and colder as the snow you got in your snow boots or down the back of your neck melts!

Toboggan run at Snowlandia

Toboggan run at Snowlandia – Photo Credit Snowlandia

Tips for visiting Snowlandia

  1. Make sure to dress up warm. We were dressed in our ski gear and snow boots. We visited at 4 – 6 pm and as soon as the sun went down, the temperature dropped dramatically. The ski gear is also a good idea if you want to go tobogganing.
  2. Make sure to try the spiral fried potato snack that you’ll see sold everywhere. They are delicious!!! Once they’re fried, you can sprinkle over various flavoured toppings – salt, paprika, chili etc. They also had them at the bottom of our Syzmoskowa ski slope and were a great way to grab a quick, warm, and very cheap snack (did we mention Poland is one of the cheapest countries in Europe?).
Polish Streetfood at Snowlandia

Polish Streetfood at Snowlandia

Accommodation near Snowlandia

There is a great choice of accommodation in the vicinity of the Great Krokiew ski jump and Snowlandia but it can get booked up well in advance. We love to find cosy self-catering chalets like these ones that give us the flexibility to make our own breakfast and snacks:

Udanypobyt Domek Skocznia

Udanypobyt Apartment Skocznia 

Or check the full selection of accommodation on

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Top Tips for Visiting Snowlandia in Zakopane Poland

Top Tips for Visiting Snowlandia in Zakopane Poland

Visiting Snowlandia in Zakopane Poland

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