Family Travel in Canada

Canada is immense. Never underestimate the distances between destinations, especially if you are planning a road trip. This makes things particularly hard because Canada is also immensely beautiful and diverse and you will want to see everything.

The islands and coastal forests on the west coast of British Columbia, the mountains and lakes through the Rockies and the flat central prairies. There is something for everyone and it is great for family travel, particularly if you enjoy the great outdoors.

Canada is a true outdoor adventure destination whether you visit in summer or winter. The food and wildlife are pretty awesome too!

Vancouver to Calgary road-trip - all you need to know and more!

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A 1500km Vancouver to Calgary road-trip through the Canadian Rockies has to be on your bucket-list. The scenery between Vancouver and Calgary is breathtakingly beautiful but is that enough to convince you to attempt this with kids? We aim to show you how this road-trip with kids is not only doable but also enjoyable, even with a few 5am starts thrown in! Our boys were 6 and 4 when we did this trip and they described it as epic!

What you need to know about visiting Lake Louise, Canada, with kids

A visit to Banff National Park would not be complete if you did not take in the beauty of Lake Louise. With easy family-friendly hikes and stunning views, along with the option of taking the famous red kayaks out on the water, it is a must do highlight of your Banff trip.